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A Movement of Individuals That Have Recovered from Addiction and Are Now Endeavoring to Help Others

Meet Joe McDonald

Joe McDonald has been taking people through the 12-step program for over 20 years. Joe’s purpose and calling is to introduce men and women to the Light so they can walk into and discover the new man or woman they are meant to be.

Are you ready for true freedom?

Position of Neutrality

Position of Neutrality is the study of the manner of living found in the book Alcoholics Anonymous the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism.

Position of Neutrality has introduced thousands of men and women to a new freedom. Freedom from their limiting thoughts about themselves and are keeping them chained to traumatic experiences. We have proven that it works for men and women who were once in the darkest places on earth, places like prison and addiction. It has worked for countless numbers of these individual’s; we are sure that it will work for you too.

You can now work through the 12-Step Program with people around the world.

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"Engage with the Position of Neutrality's learning platform exploring 'The Doctor's Opinion' on recovery."

In the darkest places light can be found.

“Position of Neutrality has provided content based on the manner of living to the men and women incarcerated in the Arizona Department of Corrections for over 8 years ”

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Members of New Freedom and Position of Neutrality standing together, symbolizing their collaboration in support of recovery initiatives.

 Recovery Engagement Platform

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Engagement for a new generation

Program Highlights:

  • Structured 8-Course Program : A guided journey through the 12-Step process.
  • Mobile Accessibility : A seamless recovery process integrated into daily life.
  • Experience-Based Content : Video testimonials offer hope and inspiration, showing that recovery is possible.

  • Expert Guidance : Joe McDonald’s extensive experience and wisdom deepens the insights of  personal recovery.

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