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“Discover Our Groundbreaking Online Digital 12-Step Recovery Program: Transformative Guidance for Individuals Suffering From Addiction”

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“The Interactive Step Experience helped me to discover the path to recovery. From a life overshadowed by the despair of addiction and homelessness, this program led me to a purposeful and recovered life. Much more than just a workbook, the story-driven and expert guided lessons helped me to attain a ‘position of neutrality’ and empowered me to learn a new ‘manner of living’ which has provided me with a new connection to my Higher Power. This life-altering program is completely free, and I invite you to redefine your life and embrace recovery with the rest of us in your community!”

Jeremy Waltrip

“Interactive Step Experience by Joe Mac transformed my life.”

-Jeremy Waltrip

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The world's only Interactive Step Experience

A digital walk through the 12-Step process designed originally for people in isolation cells inside of corrections facilities to be able to find freedom behind bars. We feel that if this program can bring freedom to people that may never see the other side of the prison walls this program could work for anyone.

Course 1: Concession

Step 1

Course 1: Introduction to Recovery In this course, participants are introduced to the concept of recovery and the 12-step process. They learn about the importance of surrendering to a higher power and the foundational principles of recovery.

Course 2: Encounter

Step 2

Course 2: Powerlessness and Surrender Course 2 focuses on Step 2, which involves acknowledging powerlessness over addiction and surrendering to a higher power. Participants explore the impact of addiction on their lives and begin to develop a willingness to seek help.

Course 3: Decision

Step 3

Course 3: Hope and Faith In Course 3, participants delve into Step 3, which centers around finding hope and developing faith in a higher power. They learn about the transformative power of belief and the role it plays in the recovery process.

Course 4: Introspection

Step 4

Course 4: Taking Inventory Course 4 focuses on Step 4, which involves taking a personal inventory and examining one’s past actions and behaviors. Participants learn about the importance of self-reflection, honesty, and accountability in the recovery journey.

Course 5:
Repentance & Rededication

Steps 5-7

Course 5: Making Amends In Course 5, participants explore Step 8, which is about making a list of those they have harmed and becoming willing to make amends. They learn about the process of taking responsibility for past wrongs and preparing to address them.

Course 6:
Spiritual Fitness

Steps 8-9

Course 6: Steps 8 and 9 Course 6 combines Steps 8 and 9. Participants continue their exploration of making amends and repairing relationships affected by addiction. They learn about the significance of healing and the transformative power of amends.

Course 7:
Conscious Walk

Steps 10-11

Course 7: Personal Growth and Transformation Course 7 focuses on Steps 10 and 11. Participants learn about the importance of ongoing personal growth, self-reflection, and maintaining spiritual fitness. They explore practices such as daily inventory and prayer or meditation.

Course 8:
Walking in Power

Step 12

Course 8: Walking in Power The final course, Course 8, centers around Step 12. Participants learn about the importance of giving back and staying on track. They explore the concept of “Walking in Power” and how to use their experiences to help and empower others. As long as we have a breath in our body we are to advocate for our brothers and sisters. 

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